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Summer 2022 | Asnia Asim Reads "Trees" MQR Sound

Asnia Asim reads her poem, "Trees," for MQR's Summer 2022 issue. 
She was alone when she made the nebula.
She made it from her own breath. 
The arms of galaxies came out of her own arms.
One thing after the other she birthed: 
clouds, oceans, blood, mouths, food, words.
Her sense of self dwindled. 
She became numerous, infinitely dispersed 
in spectrums of sand and rain.
But trees, she did not make with the intention 
of making. They came out of her unobserved. 
They were representations of her thoughts. 
They could not move, but they knew her reasons.
They fed on the music of water-light. 
Stoics, in gardens, protectors of empty roads
—cathedrals of her deepest-rooted dreams.
The first time a child touches a tree,
presses his ear on its bark, he can’t let go.
Her secrets become immediate,
begin to circulate within him:
she jokes in moon-sheets and dew,
she laughs in lichen and ribbons of snow.

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