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MQR 52:3 | Summer 2013

MQR goes back to school! Read a cluster of poems, stories, and essays that talk about life in the classroom and the world of academe—work by Rebecca Makkai, Kelsey Ronan, Cindy Clem, Stephen Burt, Douglas Trevor, and Eileen Pollack


Poetry by Karen An-hwei Lee and Li Qingzhao

Fiction by Matthew Baker, Colin Fleming, and David Lynn

The Hopwood Lecture by Gary Snyder

Poetry review by Laurence Goldstein

MQR 52:2 | Spring 2013

This issue of MQR is devoted to translation in both the specific and the broad sense. We have gathered translations from a host of figures—scholars, critics, poets, novelists— and have reprinted the originals in their original languages, not to prove our scholarly bona-fides, but to emphasize translation in yet another sense, the shuttling between different alphabets—let’s translate that word into less loaded ones, like “written symbol-systems”—which manifest different appearances to the reader.

MQR 52:1 | Winter 2013

We begin 2013 with our first redesign in decades. Take a look, and read Ann Fabian on the sad life of pioneering herpetologist Mary Cynthia Dickerson and Zhanna Vaynberg on growing up between cultures, along with fiction by Cody Peace Adams, Kim Adrian, Morris Collins, Jen Fawkes, Stephanie Friedman, and William Kelly Woolfitt; a review of Witold Gombrowicz by Piotr Florczyk; and poetry by Marianne Boruch.

From the Desert Wars,” is a special section of startling and deeply felt poetry written by American soldiers fresh from Iraq and Afghanistan,“trying to make sense of things,” including work by Benjamin Busch, Clint Garner, Bruce Lack, Hugh Martin, and Patrick Whalen.

MQR 51:4 | Fall 2012

Tung-Hui Hu’s lyrical take on nineteenth-century life in a lighthouse off the coast of Wales, Craig McDaniel on color and perspective in Bonnard, Molly McQuade on Wim Wender’s tribute to Pina Bausch, Jeffrey Meyers on Thomas Mann in America.

Fiction by Mimi Herman, Sharona Muir, Dina Nayeri, Dalia Rosefeld, Charles Antin, Bipin Aurora, and Donald Yates.

Poetry by Angie Estes, Patricia Clark, Chris Cunningham, Sarah Messer, Nance Van Winckel, and Mark Wunderlich.

MQR 51:3 | Summer 2012

Robert Marshall on the gap between the man and the myth of the 1970s’ phenomenon Carlos Castaneda; Allison Schuette on the moment a marriage actually breaks; Amy Lee Scott on coming to terms with her Korean middle name; Francine Prose’s Hopwood Lecture on character and language, “Complimentary Toilet Paper”

Fiction by Rebecca Makkai, Aaron Hamburger,