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The Riches of Content

by Zoe Tuck

…each writer points back outward, whether that is towards people, books, community, or place. To follow these generous clues is to experience another kind of plenty.

On Escapism

Detective stories appeal to the dream of resolution in which lurks the dreams of justice and salvation.

Creating Our Own Lexicon

* Zoe Tuck *

To say that a literature has emerged is a useful fiction; a shorthand for a host of possibilities, which span many verb tenses and possible relations to existence…we need to be able to exist and thrive as people, in order for our literatures to fully come into their own.

A table with stacks of books.

What is Trans Literature?

* Zoe Tuck *

What is trans literature? What does it mean for a literature to emerge? What is our relationship with the past? What is our responsibility to the future?