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Smog event in a satellite image of China

Easterly: Notes From a Black Life in East Asia

[…] I understand that China has no use for my affections. They will not save me from what many in this country see as the unforgivable fact of my foreignness, my blackness. Most pressingly, these affections will not save any of us from the long-term effects that exposure to this environment is having on our bodies.

Chinese calligraphy carved into a painted wooden wall

Angel Island

at the Angel Island Immigration Station our bodies levitated in minutes, ticking, ticking, alive, alive; forgo mercy and forgo hunger; slurp the pig slop; our muscles in 1911, 1912, we turned ghost and ghost again

Embrace the Sky: An Interview with Libyan Painter Abdelgader Bader

Fish are an important symbol in Libyan folk art and can be found as carpets and textile decoration throughout the Arab world. They are a symbol of renewal and a sign of abundant livelihood and fertility, and a good omen for the bearer. The red eye in the fish is a talisman to protect from envy and evil.