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On Soul

I had been scanning the city, looking for something to remind me of the Kunming I once knew, and found the first continuity in this man and his madness.

THE EARTH IS FOREVER GOOEY: a conversation with Jenny Zhang

We seek out poetry because we seek in this completely subjective form some kernel of beauty and truth. And so for me, friendship is poetic, and it is lyric, because it does that, and it is mysterious why when a friend mirrors to you what they think you are – it works.

Mark Nowak on Why We Write

If we want our writing to have agency, if we want it to be part of the struggle to make a new and better world, I think it’s important to take a step back and examine our motivations as writers. How does the capitalist system influence the choices we make as writers?

Pain Log #2

Pain Log #2: Letter to My Sister I listen to Arvo Pärt’s sacred music and think of his native Estonia, which reminds me of that Tallinn lawyer and historian whom I met  one November at the American Academy in Rome. She wore an outlandish costume