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Tour blog!

Next week, I’m embarking on one of two little first-book tours, and I’ll be blogging about those tours here.

Narrative Possibility & the Broadly Real

Some years back, in the fall-out from the bubble-burst and the death of my grandmother, I sold my suits in a yard sale and took off for Mexico, where I spent six months immersing myself in a broader spectrum of reality than is customary in the U.S. and immersing myself in places where this reality is a given.

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The One Sentence Review

A few years ago, the poet D.A. (Doug) Powell and I, in a fit of industry, embarked upon a project called The One Sentence Review.

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The Turkish Kitchen

Perhaps to be human is to forget. Perhaps every culture survives by forgetting. In America we have forgotten so many things that we are sometimes called a people without a memory.