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Fall 2004 Cover

Fall 2004

The Fall 2004 issue, guest-edited by Barbara Tran, is the first volume of a special double issue devoted entirely to the topic “Viet Nam: Beyond the Frame.” It contains some remarkable work.

Together with Part 2 (Winter 2005) this special issue offers the richest assortment of writings about Vietnam ever assembled in an academic journal. Some 450 pages altogether offer an unprecedented range of literary and discursive works about Viet Nam past and present.

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Summer 2004

Essays by Mary Gordon, Clifford F. Wargelin, Steven Moore, and Robert Hahn.

Fiction by Herbert Gold, Joyce Carol Oates, and David Roderick.

Poetry by David Baker, Joyce Peseroff, Deborah Cummins, Jim Daniels, John Kinsella, Ann Keniston, David Plastrik, Robert Murdock, and Lisa Lewis.

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Spring 2004

Essays by Stacey Harwood, Frederick Busch, Jeffrey Meyers, Antoine de Tarlé, Anna Mollow, and Olga Grushin.

Fiction by Rebecca Meacham and David H. Lynn.

Poetry by Thylias Moss, Andrew Feld, Victoria Chang, Billy Collins, and Vicki Hearne.

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Winter 2004

Essays by Jaimy Gordon, Gary Adelman, Josephine Donovan, George Watson Fiction by Mario Benedetti, Rita J. Doucette Poetry by Adrienne Rich, Richard Tillinghast, Rick Bass, Vern Rutsala, Lisa Williams, Donovan Hohn, Anna Ziegler, Charles Harper Webb Order This Issue This issue can be ordered for $4

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Summer 2003

Essays by Richard Howard, Jeffrey Meyers, Peter Eisinger, Nicholas Moschovakis, David Roessel, Tennessee Williams, and Donald Anderson. Fiction by Susan Engberg and Garnett Kilberg Cohen. Poetry by Deborah Warren, Susan Hahn, Wisława Szymborska, Laurence Lieberman, Richard Solomon, Florence Elon, and Nicholas Samaras.