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Summer 2002

Essays by Barbara Sjoholm, Lawrence Buell, Edmund White, Hilary Cunningham, and Lucía M. Suárez.

Fiction by Mildred Verba Morris, Alice Mattison, and David Zane.

Poetry by Diane Ackerman, Jim Daniels, Gabriel Spera, Sarah Gorham, Keith Taylor, Anne Stevenson, Wililam Baer, Charles Harper Webb, and Cathleen Calbert.

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Spring 2002

Essays by Tobin Siebers, David Haven Blake, Kathryn Rhettl; an interview with Clifford Odets and Robert H. Hethman.

Fiction by Greg Johnson and Lynn Freed.

Poetry by Paisley Rekdal, Timothy Liu, John Greening, and Campbell McGrath.

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Winter 2002

Essays by David M. Halperin, Josip Novakovich, Marcel Marceau, Karen R. Miller; a conversation with Betty Comden, Adolph Green, and William Baer.

Fiction by Jody Lisberger, Clark Blaise, and Millicent Dillon.

Poetry by Alexander Theroux, Carolyne Wright, Stephen Yenser, Edwin Honig, Mark Jarman, Glenna Holloway, Mike Puican, and Angela Patten.

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Fall 2001

Essays by William Bolcom, Sandra Seaton, Ilan Stavans, Juan Abreu, Manfred Weidhorn, Philip D. Beidler, Lisa Knopp, Emily Grosholz, and a conversation with Gustavo Perez Firmat and Bruce Allen Dick.

Fiction by Luisa Mercedes Levinson and Marco Denevi.

Poetry by Daniel Mark Epstein, Sarah Hannahm, Bob Hicok, Gustavo Pérez Firmat, Mark Halliday, Randy Blasing, and Anne Stevenson.

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Summer 2001

Essays by Bruce Fleming, Angela Yiu, Natsume Soseki, Andrea Barrett, Carolyn Steedman, and Sterling Watson.

Fiction by Lucy Ferriss, and Jiri Kajane.

Poetry by Stephen Dunn, Carol Frost, Lance Larsen, Charles Harper Webb, Kate Northrop, Susan Hahn, David Wojahn, and Henry Hart.