Fall 2021: Why We Write – Michigan Quarterly Review

Fall 2021: Why We Write

A Season of Stories

This is the season of seeking friends’ faces, retrieving memories, and exchanging kind words, in places drenched in light and joy. It’s the season to celebrate people in train stations enacting scenes of meeting and departure, and to acknowledge our feelings of estrangement at home and away. It’s the season to celebrate the glow of …

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Black Box

“Black Box” is from MQR’s Fall 2021 Issue. You can purchase the issue here. Black Boxnoun Aviation: a small machine that records information about an aircraft during flight, used to discover the cause of an accident. (1) Military science: also known as the “nuclear football,” “the button,” “the emergency satchel,” a black leather briefcase containing …

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Why We Write: A Virtual Reading

To celebrate the launch of our special issue, “Why We Write,” we asked six contributors to share videos introducing and reading from their work featured in the issue. Purchase the Fall 2021 issue here to read more from these and other authors.

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