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Story That Kills You

What I’d read him was nothing more than nonsense put to paper in my free time, sheltering my hope that life would not always be what it had been until now, a good life in the dullest sense of goodness.


Why I Chose It: Michigan Quarterly Review Reader Matthew Wamser introduces Glen Hirshberg’s “Over” from our Summer 2020 Issue. A warning: It is so easy to fall in love with the father in this story. In the narrator’s hands, the father comes alive as a truly specific

MQR Issue 59:3, Summer 2020

Announcing the release of MQR 59:3 Cover Art courtesy of Abdelgader Bader Table of Contents Fiction Sheldon Costa: Wolf Miguel Gomes, translated by Charles LeBel: Story That Kills You Glen Hirshberg: Over Lance Larsen: Nothing as Dirty as a Richard Nixon Hand Lorraine M. López:

Meet Our Contributors: Issue 59:3 Summer 2020

E. KRISTIN ANDERSON is a poet and glitter enthusiast living mostly at a Starbucks somewhere in Austin, Texas. She is the author of nine chapbooks, including Behind, All You’ve Got; 17 seventeen XVII; We’re Doing Witchcraft; Fire in the Sky; and Pray, Pray, Pray: Poems