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Video Launch

A Technologist’s Travels and Travails with the Colour Green

I. A 21st-century colour confusion: “green” lights are not green The technologist that is me is obsessed with colours, often struck by colour confusions, and especially with the colour green.     Oh, and did you know that “green” lights are not green?   No, this is not a trick question meant only for the nerds.   It has …

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These cracks and rolls and waves, they are bright on this body. Sight drowns and swirls you all down until you become this body. Because on the internet fat rhymes with hate. I am become hate. All your hate are belong to us, belong to me, to this body. Blessed are the thin, sympathy pillowed …

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Summer 2022: A Virtual Reading

To celebrate the launch of MQR 61:3, we asked five contributors to share videos introducing and reading from their work featured in the issue. Purchase the MQR Summer 2022 issue here to read more from these and other contributors.


the language I come from has no mother so what if I don’t have a mother tongue that rolls off my lips Arabic Hebrew English never quite reaching my mouth spoken over my head I was the seed rotting in the lucky country new roots words stresses my mother had no idea she was marrying …

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