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Winter 2006 Cover

MQR 45:1 | Winter 2006

Together with Part 1 (Fall 2005), this special issue offers detailed insight into the documentary imagination. Edited by Tom Fricke and Keith Taylor. This issue features: Kelly M. Askew on filming East African musical performers; Ruth Behar on a visit to the first World Summit Reunion of Behars in Bejar, Spain; an interview with Robert Coles by Tom Fricke about Coles’s life and lifework in the documentary field; Tom Fricke on the friendship of an anthropologist (himself) and a native informant in Nepal; and much more.

Fall 2005 Cover

MQR 44:4 | Fall 2005

Together with Part 2 (Winter 2006), this special issue offers detailed insight into the documentary imagination. Edited by Tom Fricke and Keith Taylor, this issue features: Mark Auslander on documenting the restoration of an African-American cemetery in Georgia; Barry Lopez interviewed by Michael Shapiro; Erik Mueggler on writing the imperial project; Eileen Pollack on a Jewish cemetery in Detroit; Tom Pohrt curating never-before-circulated photos from the Cuban revolution; Jonathan Raban on James Agee and the limits of documentary style; and Keith Taylor on finding in public records the true story of a relative’s suicide in western Canada.

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MQR 44:3 | Summer 2005

James Morrison on the fate of cinephilia; Susan Orlean on journeys; Elizabeth Kostova on Carthage through history; Irving Louis Horowitz on contemporary sociology; George Steinmetz in response to Horowitz; and Yu Xie on methodological contradictions in sociology

Fiction by Daniel Herwitz and Alice Mattison.

Poetry by Richard Howard, Susan Hahn, Mahmoud Darwish, Eugenio Montejo, Richard Cecil, Randy Blasing, Charles Harper Webb, and Paisley Rekdal.

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MQR 44:2 | Spring 2005

Laurence Goldstein remembers Arthur Miller; Arthur Miller on airport protocol; Robert A. Rosenstone on Soviet tourism; Lucia Perillo on healing; James Naremore on A.I. Artificial Intelligence; Martha Bayles on folk music; an interview with Alistair MacLeod Fiction by Ronald Frame, J. Alicia Shank Poetry by

Winter 2005 Cover

MQR 44:1 | Winter 2005

The Winter 2005 issue, guest-edited by Rebekah Linh Collins, is the second volume of a special double issue devoted entirely to the topic “Viet Nam: Beyond the Frame.” It contains some remarkable work.

Together with Part 1 (Fall 2004), this special issue offers the richest assortment of writings about Vietnam ever assembled in an academic journal. Some 450 pages altogether offer an unprecedented range of literary and discursive works about Viet Nam past and present.