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Congrats to Ashraf Rushdy

Today we’re sending out hearty congratulations to Ashraf Rushdy, whose essay “Reflections on Indexing My Lynching Book” was selected for Best American Essays 2015. Rushdy’s essay was published in MQR’s Spring 2014 issue.

“You Owe Me” Selected for 2012 Best American Essays

The children I write with die, no matter how much I love them, no matter how creative they are, no matter how many poems they have written, or how much they want to live. They die of diseases with unpronounceable names, of rhabdomyosarcoma or pilocytic astrocytoma, of cancers rarely heard of in the world at large, of cancers that are often cured once, but then turn up again somewhere else: in their lungs, their stomachs, their sinuses, their bones, their brains. While undergoing their own treatments, my students watch one friend after another lose legs, cough up blood, and enter a hospital room they never come out of again.