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“In the Days of Old Things,” by Hananah Zaheer

She had wanted nothing more than to live here. Now, chewed up wads of pink, yellow, and white gum stuck to the walls provided a mountainous landscape for roaches that had taken up residence in all the cracks they could find along the forgotten, once white walls. No one noticed.

MQR 56:2 | Spring 2017

In our Spring 2017 issue, Mary Ebbott discovers the lost sister of Odysseus, Michael O’Rourke hallucinates in the hospital in the wake of a duodenal ulcer, and Jeffrey Meyers reflects on D.H. Lawrence’s time in New Mexico observing American Indians. Plus: Ben Merriman examines how literary journals handle unsolicited submissions — and offers some alternative strategies.

Fiction from Beth Aviv, Kate Berson, Rebecca Givens Rolland, Susan Tacent, Wil Weitzel, Jenny Williams, and Hananah Zaheer.

Poetry from Bruce Bond, Michael Lavers, T.J. McLemore, Susan Rich, Esther Schor, Steven D. Schroeder, Kent Shaw, Cathe Shubert, Knute Skinner, and Brian Swann.