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MQR Announces 2013 Literary Awards

MQR has awarded this year’s trio of literary prizes: The Lawrence Foundation Prize goes to Cody Peace Adams, the Laurence Goldstein Prize to Benjamin Busch, and the Page Clayton Prize for Emerging Poets to Anne Barngrover.

MQR Announces 2012 Literary Prizes

We are pleased to announce that Michigan Quarterly Review has awarded this year’s trio of literary prizes to Rebecca Makkai, for a finely crafted story about connection and quiet reappraisals, Angie Estes, for two exquisite poems “balancing the omnipresence of death with the fragile pleasures of life,” and Margaret Reges, for her poems’ exuberant physical description.

MQR Announces 2011 Literary Prizes

MQR is pleased to announce that it has awarded this year’s trio of literary prizes to the authors of an amusing—and poignant—story about strangers in the strange land of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, an elegant poem on perspectives during a balloon flight, and a gritty poem listing the detritus of life at a Detroit high school.

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MQR Announces 2010 Literary Prizes

A taut, tension-filled story of a man helping the woman he loves flee her abusive husband, a poem whose technical expertise and emotional surefootedness exemplify the mature work of a poet writing at the height of his powers, and a couple of lively poems exuding the energy and sensibility of a new generation have won the trio of literary prizes awarded each year by MQR.