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Devil’s Lake: Finding Self at the World’s End

Through the exploration of strained body-self relationships, scientific facts, history, love, loneliness, queerness, and hate, Sala weaves together narratives that ask their readers to consider where they came from, how they are engaging with time— however wrought and distressing— and where they will return to after death.

Apocalyptic Love Song

Apocalyptic Love Song Longing lengthens. The heart muscles over. What in the world is not a force of its own reckoning. We worship the sheen on the surface of the same lake that let our girls drown. How easily we trade our own breath for

When He Left The House Quietly

Hit play below to hear Viplav Saini read his poem “When He Left The House Quietly” and scroll down for the full text. “When He Left The House Quietly” is featured in MQR’s Summer 2020 issue. When He Left The House Quietly maybe your father walked to the