MQR Issue 59:4, Fall 2020 – Michigan Quarterly Review
MQR FALL 2020 Front Cover

MQR 59:4 | Persecution

Cover Art courtesy of  Amy Sara Carroll and Donna Senf Carroll

Table of Contents


Reginald Dwayne Betts: A Requiem for Suffering


  • Wesley Brown: Tragic Magic
  • Gloria L. Huang: Another Escape
  • Alberto Reyes Morgan: Salt
  • Matthew Pitt: A Shambles



  • Moncho Alvarado: Payday Inside the Projects
  • Tara Ballard: At the Feet of Mothers
  • Sébastien Bernard: Helin Bölek Resumes Her Hunger Strike; Portrait of Youth: Istanbul, April 15, 2020
  • Ace Boggess: “How’s Life Out There in the Real World?”
  • Demetrius Buckley: Letters from Daddy (29); Buggin’
  • Charles Cantalupo: After my Honeymoon
  • Amy Sara Carroll: My Lar; Activation Instructions (VII); Lesbos; Activation Instructions (VIII); Michigan-Manhattan
  • Charlie Clark: Devil Always Thought Pelagius Was a Second-Rate Christian
  • Nancy Cook: Reclamation
  • Miguel Angel Oxlaj Cúmez, Translated by Paul M. Worley: Genocides
  • Marvin S. García, Translated by Paul M. Worley: Lo Perdido
  • Chary Gumeta, Translated by Paul M. Worley: The Beast
  • Tahir Hamut Izgil, Translated by Joshua L. Freeman: Answer; The Meeting; The God of This Time
  • Mona Kareem: Nebraska; At the JFK Backroom aka the Minorities’ Room
  • Alicia Kozameh, Translated by Stephen J. Clark: Sal de Sangres en Declive
  • Robert Lynn: Guy at The Post Office Says I Thought They Closed Rikers; On Account of Getting His Leg Broke by New York City
  • Hubert Matiúwàa, Translated by Paul M. Worley: Our Seeds; When the Soldiers Came
  • Justin Rovillos Monson: From Pre-Sentence Investigation (JSTLKMVMT Remix)
  • Vivian D. Nixon: Black Storm; Mutiny
  • Birch Rosen: 200 Gallons of Piss
  • Adeeba Shahid Talukder: In God’s Absence/Devotees Empty/The Holy Shrine
  • Marisa Tirado: Charlottesville, Parkland High, Etc., Etc., Etc.; Mom Vs. The Cholas
  • Sergio Mansilla Torres, Translated by Cynthia Steele: Effigy of the Dictator; Tithe of the Assassins
  • Afaa M. Weaver: Attica

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