Graduate Students

Our lab will offer graduate students a wide array of experimental approaches to choose from. A student may wish to focus on one technique while still have the option to ‘imbibe’ other techniques via interactions with others in the lab. Alternatively, students also have the opportunity to simultaneously apply multiple techniques to answer their question of interest. Because we are a new lab, the PI (who was a postdoc until recently) will be available at the bench for any kind of assistance a student may need with new experiments/techniques. Graduate students interested in rotating in the lab should contact JK ( to chat about possible rotation projects and ask any questions they may have about the lab or its research.


WE ARE ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS in two general areas: Cancer Cell Biology and Structural Biology.  For the Cancer Cell Biology position, candidates with expertise in genome-wide CRISPR-Cas9 screens would be desirable. For the Structural Biology position, candidates must be fluent in X-ray crystallography, including in de novo phase solution. This project will also involve use of negative stain and cryoEM, so experience in these methods is also highly desirable. More details can be found in the following ads.

Interested candidates should send a PDF with CV, a cover letter stating research interests and qualifications, and contact information for three references to