I study the first stages of the life of stars and of the planets around them. Part of my research focusses on protoplanetary disks and their evolution from primordial disks formed in the collapse of molecular cloud cores to debris disks. My group has developed modeling tools aiming to interpret observations of protoplanetary disks to understand how the dust and gas change with time and the factors that make them change, like accretion of mass onto the star and formation of planets. I am also interested in finding and characterizing new disks in young populations and I collaborate closely with the CIDA Orion Variability Survey. My group obtains and interpret observations from ground-based observatories, such as Magellan and submillimeter interferometers , and space missions as HST, Chandra, Spitzer, and Herschel. I am a member of the Spitzer IRS Disk Team and the Herschel Protostar Survey (HOPS) team. Our Spitzer work has been highlighted in News Features Planets May Leave Tracks in Dust, Planets Forming Around a Sun-like Star, and Spectra Show Protoplanetary Disc Structures.