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NextProf Science 2015

NextProf Science 2015 Class

NextProf Science 2015 Class

Schedule: 2015 NextProf Science

Speakers: 2015 NextProf Science

Comments from Participants

“I’ve had an academic career as my goal for awhile, but now for the first time I feel like I know what that really means and I have an idea of how to make it happen.”

“I think my favorite part was just being in a room with this diverse group of talented scientists — it is a rare experience for me!”

“For me, what was most useful about the NextProf Science workshop was the in depth and frank discussions about all the aspects of the job prospect in academia and what are required to obtain tenure.”

“…the most useful thing for me is this overall galvanizing sense of motivation and support from the faculty and the other participants. I now know what concrete steps I need to take to get a faculty position.”

“… meeting so many people that are dedicated to helping broaden participation in STEM faculty positions. It’s really encouraging and empowering to know that there are so many people that find this to be an important problem and that they’re looking for solution to this problem.

“I was blown away by this workshop.  Lots of useful information I never would have gotten as a postdoc…”

“…an amazing opportunity to learn about life in academia, an awesome environment to meet colleagues, and an opportunity to gain self-confidence and value your work. “

“The NextProf Science workshop is an outstanding resource that gives you a “behind the scene” look into planning and preparing for a faculty appointment.”

“I would describe NextProf as the needed crash-course in how to apply to faculty positions, demystifying the process and kickstarting my material preparation for the next faculty job cycle. But with the side effect of bringing together an extraordinary and diverse group of people to share experiences and build a mini-community of others who have like-minded goals and a breadth of experiences that makes me excited for the future of academia.”