Lab Facilities:

The Continental Environmental Research group has two major laboratories in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Michigan. Analytical and sample preparation for equipment for analysis of light stable isotopes are housed in the Stable Isotope Laboratory. Controlled weathering experiment equipment and a wet chemistry lab are part of the Earth System Science Lab that is shared with Dr. Ingrid Hendy. Plant growth chambers are shared with Dr. Selena Smith in the Plant Paleobiology Lab.


CERG Equipment includes:

Delta V+ IRMS in the Stable Isotope Laboratory

TC/EA for O-isotope, Deuterium analyses

Picarro CRDS for Carbon isotope analysis


Costech ECS4010 for Carbon and Nitrogen weight analyses



Fieldwork Resources:

Various pieces of small equipment and gear for field-based sampling of soils, paleosols, wetlands, and lakes.