El-Kurru Photo Contests – Narrating Nubia: The Social Lives of Heritage

El-Kurru Photo Contests

What do you want to share with visitors to el-Kurru? This was our guiding question as we began working on the El-Kurru Community Heritage Center. The creation of an annual photo contest was one way we began to explore and answer this question. Residents of el-Kurru photographed and submitted images from their daily life, then we gathered together to showcase all of the collected photos (100s of them each year).

Below you’ll find the prize winning photos from each year’s photo contest. These and other photos will be on display in the future El-Kurru Community Heritage Center along with photographer interviews and personal artifacts in a multivocal exhibition about life in el-Kurru.

See the winning photos from our first Photo Contest.

See the winning photos from the 2018 Photo Contest

See the winning photos from the 2019 Photo Contest

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