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News and Updates

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  • Field Work Update
    Several members of the El-Kurru team are on their way to Sudan to work with our partners on the El-Kurru community heritage center, which will open this year. We will have a chance to see our worksheets and teacher training materials in action in several Sudanese schools, and we will work more on our bilingual …

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  • AmSARC Lecture on Community Archaeology at Jebel Barkal
    On Saturday, October 22nd at 1pm EST the American Sudanese Archaeological Research Center will be hosting a lecture by Ismail Elnour on community archaeology around the Jebel Barkal site. Zoom registration for the event can be found here.
  • Presentation to the International Conference for Nubian Studies
    This past August, our team members Anwar Ali, Geoff Emberling, and Sami Elamin traveled to the University of Warsaw for the 15th International Conference for Nubian Studies to present their paper “The Complexity of Collaboration in Postcolonial Archaeology: The Community Heritage Center at El-Kurru.” Anwar wrote the following about his experience: On August 26th I …

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  • Life and Death along the Nile: Webinar on Nubian Bioarchaeology
    The Friends of ASOR are hosting a webinar on September 29th at 6pm EDT on the bioarchaeology of the Nubia Expedition! The talk will feature Prof. Brenda J. Baker and be moderated by our own Prof. Geoff Emberling; registration for the event is now open and available here.
  • El-Kurru Heritage Center Feature
    The Spring 2022 issue of the Kelsey Museum’s Newsletter is out now and features an article from our own Geoff Emberling on the El-Kurru Heritage Center! The Newsletter can be found on the Kelsey Museum’s website.
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