Traditional Healers

Here we have some testimonies from traditional healers who council their communities on a variety of issues including HIV.

Day 1

Durban City Hall
August 13, 2002
Issuing Pamphlet and HIV/Awareness

“The Crowd was wonderful! They listened to us we got a great response. People asked questions and they were answered through the knowledge we have gained from the workshop you provided to us. We were even supported by municipal workers. It was the first time that Traditional Healers [were] involved in the awareness.”

Day 2

Umlazi Community Hall (Section G)
September 7, 2002
Issuing of Condoms & HIV/AIDS Awareness

“We got a positive response from the community leaders. They were grateful for the work we were doing. People were given a chance to ask questions. We also encourage people to take blood tests to learn their status.”

Day 3

Bombay Community Hall (Gandhi Settlement)
December 16, 2002
Issuing of Condoms

“This community is very poor. There are many people who have HIV and are treating opportunistic infections. They asked about treatment of HIV. They listened to us because we were coming from the same background as them.”