The Detroit Experience 2014

After years of teaching the module to community members in South Africa and Jamaica, The Pedagogy of Action will now focusing it’s efforts domestically, more specially, in the metro Detroit/Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. POA’s presence in the local community is important, because we must recognize the ways in which HIV/AIDS affects our own community and, ultimately wrestle with the ways which we choose to engage with our community-at-large.

The stories and experiences of 2014 can be read in the following dispatches written by the some the students in Dr. Haniff’s AAS/WS 443 – Pedagogy of Empowerment: Race, Gender, and Health.

​Marion Berger – Z Collective Dispatch

Jessica Cardinalli – HELP Dispatch

Carolyn Hicks – Central Academy Dispatch

Melani Kekulawala – Horizons Dispatch

Jordan Killingsworth – Huron Valley Church Dispatch

Kathleen Kraus – HELP Dispatch

Amy Mackens – Central Academy Dispatch

Danny Park – Horizons Dispatch

Kaitlin Shaw – Planned Parenthood Dispatch

Dr. Nesha Haniff – Final Dispatch from Detroit 2014 Experience