The Horizons Project:

Founded in 1994 by Dr. Kathryn Wright, the Horizons Project continues to grow as the only HIV/AIDS program in Michigan that specifically focuses on providing services to HIV positive and at-risk youth ages 13 to 24. The collaboration between the Wayne State University School of Medicine and the Horizons Project allows for at-risk youth to be linked to HIV prevention education and counseling/testing.  Youth living with HIV are linked to direct medical care and support services.  We have offered free clinical care and social support services to youth living with HIV in the Detroit area for almost two decades. The Horizons Project is completely grant funded and all services (prevention and care) are provided free of charge.

The Horizons Project group at POA graduation in 2013

Al Gamea:

The GLBT Association of Middle eastern Americans (Al GAMEA), established in 2004, provides direct services to meet the ever-changing demands for GLBT, health and social groups services for the Arab/Chaldean and Middle eastern population in the greater Detroit Metropolitan Area. The agency provides supports, preventive health education interventions and health counseling, social events, and access to the cultural primarily to individuals in need of these services among the more than 400,000 Arab Americans living in the greater Detroit Area. In 2008, Al GAMEA established the supports and health program which has become the first GLBT Middle Eastern organization in North America.

Planned Parenthood Peer Educators

Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan’s Peer Education program consists of high school youth who serve as sexual health information resources for their peers. The Peer Educators first complete a 40-hour intensive training focused on reducing unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Following training, they educate the community through presentations, community events, and conversations with their peers.

U of M students and Peer Educators at POA Graduation in 2014

Ann Arbor

The Black Student Union:

The Black Student Union began in 1968 amidst Black uprisings and rebellions across the nation. Known simply as The BSU, this Pan-Africanist organization promotes and sustains an atmosphere that enriches the community in all aspects. The BSU is committed to combating issues and inequalities that we face at the University of Michigan and strengthening our communities and ourselves.

The Coalition for Queer People of Color:

The Coalition for Queer People of Color is a group of University of Michigan students, faculty, and staff all committed to building community around, and highlighting the lived experiences of, queer, trans*, and similarly self-identified people of color. Our mission is to enrich the lives of queer people of color at the University of Michigan, while pursuing broader community transformation around social and racial justice.

Groundcover New:

Groundcover News, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in April, 2010 as a means to empower low-income persons to make the transitions from homeless to housed, and from jobless to employed. Street newspapers like Groundcover News exist in cities all over the United States, as well as in more than 40 other countries,  in an effort to raise awareness of the plight of homeless and combat the increase in poverty.

Groundcover News exists to create opportunity and a voice for low-income people while taking action to end homelessness and poverty.

Groundcover news group at POA Graduation in 2013


Community Members


The Z Collective:

The Z Collective is a newly formed collective of young Arabic women that advocates and is active in feminist struggles, working under the larger scheme of humanitarianism. It’s a grassroots organization that believes in the agency of people and his/her/their capability to change circumstances that are sexist, racist, and oppressive of LGBTQ persons and values, as well as other systems of injustice.

To reach us please email us on Zcollective.mi@gmail.com.

The Z Collective at POA Graduation in 2013