International Conference on Transcription by RNA Polymerases I, III, IV and V

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Ann Arbor and the rest of the world
Courtesy of the Ann Arbor Area Main Street Association

In June of 2016 the University of Michigan will play host to the International Conference on Transcription by RNA polymerases I, III, IV and V, known also as the OddPols. This meeting of researchers from around the world started as a small, informal gathering of scientists exploring the mechanism of small RNA synthesis by RNA polymerase III. Held every two years at venues around North America, it has broadened to encompass commonalities and differences of nuclear transcription mechanisms in animals, plants and fungi.

This is a community-organized conference and to make it as accessible as possible, no subsidies are offered to the speakers (including co-organizers). The organizers will do whatever they can to provide all participants with an opportunity to present a poster and select at least one talk from each participating research group.

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