Alison R. H. Narayan (U-M 2006)


B.S., Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley

Post-Doctoral Associate, University of Michigan




Alison (Hardin) was an SSG during 2005-06, and she has returned to U-M as a professor, and has the unique experience of teaching CHEM 210 in RM 1800 Chemistry after having been in that class and that room as an undergraduate… and after having been an SSG student and leader. She¬†came to U-M as an undergraduate student with the idea she was going to be a lawyer, and kept all of her options open, including taking the GRE along with LSAT.

Alison Narayan’s¬†scientifically diverse group of research students leverage the powerful reactivity and selectivity of enzymes from natural product pathways in concise approaches to natural products and their analogs. Projects are initiated with the identification of an enzyme with synthetic potential unmatched by chemocatalytic methods and continue by demonstrating the substrate scope and potential applications of the biocatalyst including the synthesis of biologically active molecules.