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Audrey defends her dissertation!

Congratulation to Dr. Audrey Tolbert on successfully defending her dissertation today.

“Visible, Near-Infrared, and Dual-Range Luminescence Spanning the 4f Series Sensitized bu a Gallium(III)/Lanthanide(III) Metallacrown Structure”

Our latest Metallacrown paper on a new series of dimeric Ga(III)/Ln(III) metallacrowns bridged with four hydroxyl groups and capable of sensitizing all luminescent lanthanide ions.

Our latest two Peptide papers demonstrating the great utility of metallopeptides:

“Dy3+ White Light Emission Can Be Finely Controlled by Tuning the First Coordination Sphere of Ga3+/Dy3+ Metallacrown Complexes”

Our latest Metallacrown paper on the analysis of a series of five Ga3+/Dy3+ MCs for their White Light Emission (WLE) properties. Read in JACS!

Traversing the Red-Green-Blue Color Spectrum in Rationally Designed Cupredoxins

Our latest Metallopeptide paper on our efforts to rationally design copper proteins with a CuHis2CysGlu binding sites with either green or blue copper chromophores using mutation strategies that have proven successful in native cupredoxins.
Read in JACS!

“[Ga3+8Sm3+2, Ga3+8Tb3+2] Metallacrowns are Highly Promising Ratiometric Luminescent Molecular Nanothermometers Operating at Physiologically Relevant Temperatures”

Our latest Metallacrown paper on molecular luminescent based nanothermometer using Sm and Tb based metallacrowns. Read in Chemistry A European Journal!

“Catalysis and Electron Transfer in De Novo Designed Helical Scaffold”

Our latest Metallopeptide paper is a review on protein design efforts to create de novo metalloproteins within alpha‐helical scaffolds. Read in Angewandte Chemie International Ed!

Peculiarities of crystal structures and photophysical properties of GaIII/LnIII metallacrowns with a non-planar [12-MC-4] core

Our latest Metallacrown paper on X-ray single crystal analysis revealing two types of structures depending on whether the nitrate counterion in the metallacrown coordinates or not to the Ln(III) center. Read it in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers!

Heteromeric Three-Stranded Coiled Coils Designed Using a Pb(II)(Cys)3 Template Mediated Strategy

Our latest Metallopeptide paper showing how it is possible to form pure heterotrimeric three-stranded coiled coils by combining three distinct characteristics: (1) a cysteine sulfur layer for metal coordination, (2) a thiophilic, trigonal pyramidal metalloid (Pb(ii)) that binds to these sulfurs and (3) an adjacent layer of reduced steric bulk generating a cavity where water can hydrogen bond to the cysteine sulfur atoms. Read it in Nature Chemistry!

Rational De Novo Design of a Cu-Metalloenzymes for Superoxide Dismutation

Our latest paper on Superoxide dismutases (SODs) shows that rationally designed proteins with well-defined three-dimensional structures offer new opportunities for obtaining functional SOD mimics. Find it in Chemistry A European Journal!

Prof. Pecoraro elected as President of SBIC 2020-2022
Congratulations to Prof. Pecoraro  on becoming the newest President of the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry (SBIC)! He will hold the position from October 2020 to September 2022.

Iodinated Metallacrowns: Toward Combined Bimodal Near-Infrared and X-ray Contrast Imaging Agents

Here is our latest paper on Metallacrown functionalization for the development of biomodal imaging agents. We show that our luminescent 12-MC-4 dimer structures can be synthetically modified to have 4, 8, or 12 iodines, resulting on a complex capable of X-ray attenuation and luminescence. Find it in Chemistry A European Journal!