Congrats, UROP team, for a great year!

SCIPP Lab UROP cohort 2021-2022. From left to right: Manmeet Singh, Samantha Davies, Sabrina Lanker, Cecilie Philips.

The SCIPP Lab’s four UROP students finished the year strong with a second poster session. The UROP Research Symposium highlights all UROP students’ research projects over the past year. Samantha, Sabrina, Manmeet and Cecilie presented their work with confidence, building on their experience earlier this month at MGU. Cecilie was selected for a judges award. Congrats everyone on a great year in the lab!

Samantha and Cecilie will continue doing research in the SCIPP Lab, building and expanding their projects from this past year. Sabrina is going back to her other lab job (who holds two research positions at once? Impressive!) and Manmeet will be exploring other research opportunities in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department as he tries to decide whether to major in Earth or EEB.

It was great to work with all of you and congrats again on a great year!