7th International Clumped Isotope Workshop: We’re on a boat!

The curving hallways running the length of the ship. Disorienting!

Jade and Sierra attended the 7th International Clumped Isotope Workshop in Long Beach, California this past weekend. All attendees stayed aboard the historic Queen Mary (a Titanic-era cruise liner that has been permanently parked and turned into a hotel). We heard lots of great talks/posters and caught up with colleagues (including lab visitors Ryan Venturelli and Robin Dawson who visited us in the fall). Sierra gave a talk on the community-wide project to update published clumped isotope calibration data to the new “Brand parameters” (paper in revision) and a poster on calibrating the clumped isotope paleothermometer in modern gastropods (with Becca and Serena as coauthors!). A real group effort! Jade particularly enjoyed the poster session and meeting graduate students from other groups. A very invigorating meeting!