Sydney Carr [Political Science]

Soobin Choi [Communication and Media] Soo bin’s research interests broadly include the relationship of pro-social behavior, risk issues, perception of efficacy, and the media. Her current line of research focuses on the construction of climate change risk perception, and she is particularly interested in the process of how collective efficacy is developed and established.

Erin Cikanek [Political Science]

Austin Hegland [Communication and Media]

Lauren Hahn [Communication and Media] Lauren is a doctoral candidate in political communication at the University of Michigan. Her current research examines the potential for novel technologies to facilitate the development of political identities and political engagement among marginalized groups. Past work has focused on news exposure and political attitudes. Lauren received her M.A. in Communication from Purdue University with a specialization in media, technology, and society.

Miao (Gabriel) Li [Communication and Media]

Guadalupe Madrigal [Communication and Media] Guadalupe’s research examines the relationship between news media and political discourses about immigration. More specifically, she explores how fear appeals about immigrants impact general public opinion. Guadalupe Madrigal received her B.A. in Communication Studies and Chicana/o Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Irene Morse [Political Science]

Matea Mustafaj [Communication and Media]

Gavin Ploger [Communication and Media] Gavin’s research explores how the news media shapes the U.S. electorate’s perceptions of political polarization and how those perceptions in turn shape political cognition and behavior. Gavin received his B.A. in Psychology at University of Montana where he studied the effect of accountability on cognitive complexity.

Ashwin Rajadesingan [School of Information]

Jessica Roden [Communication and Media] Prior to becoming a Ph.D. student in Communication Studies, Jessica received her B.A. in Cognitive Science and a minor in History from Vassar College, where she researched how attitudes and emotions are affected by the awareness of identity incongruent values in regularly watched TV shows and videos. She is interested in understanding the relationship between media, especially television, and the representations of marginalized identities.

Hwayong Shin [Political Science]

Annie Zhang [Communication and Media]

Brianna Zichettella [Communication and Media]

Past members

Sedona Chinn (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Stewart Coles (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Sarah Fioroni (Gallup)

Dan Hiaeshutter-Rice (Michigan State University)

Hakeem Jefferson (Stanford University)

Julia Kamin (CivilServant)

Ozan Kuru (National University of Singapore)

Dan Lane (University of California – Santa Barbara)

Fabian Neuner (Arizona State University)

Kirill Zhirkov (Vanderbilt University)