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Consumption Resources

The resources included below are links to public domains that are accessible to anyone. They offer valuable information about being a smart and responsible consumer as well as connections to local Ann Arbor programs and services.

Early Education Resources (Lessons, Curricula, Interactive sites)

  • Closing the Loop: California State Waste Management and Resource Conservation Curriculum
    • The Closing the Loop curriculum is an interdisciplinary and hands-on framework for educating elementary-aged students about today’s issues with waste. It aims to raise awareness about alternatives to massive waste production through the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” framework and offers a variety of highly interactive lesson plans for both classrooms and natural settings.
  • Rethinking Recycling: An Oregon Waste Reduction Curriculum
    • A curriculum geared towards helping to empower Oregon’s elementary-aged students to be the future leaders in creating a more environmentally conscientious and friendly world. The curriculum offers nearly 40 lessons for students grades K-5 which introduce them to the natural resources around them and then walk them through ways to preserve, prevent, compost, and recycle things in their daily lives.
  • Trash Goes To School: K-12 Waste Management Activities
    • A resource created by Cornell University’s Waste Management Institute that is intended to offer New York State educators a way to incorporate information about our resources and the impact of what we do with them into their everyday classrooms. They offer a variety of lessons for students aged K-12 which incorporate other subjects, from Math to Science to English, into exciting activities.
  • San Mateo County RecycleWorks
    • The San Mateo County Recycling website is full of ideas about projects for kids. There is useful information about getting students and parents alike in getting started reusing, recycling, and composting. Be sure to check out their impressive and easy No Waste Lunch and School Waste Audit projects listed on the website.
    • A valuable resource designed to get children thinking about consumerism, the environment, and social justice issues. It is a combined project of the Center for a New American Dream and the World Wildlife Foundation intended to inspire youth to action. Be sure to check out the lifecycle of products section, where children can follow products they use in their daily lives from their beginnings as natural resources to the final product.

Ann Arbor Community Resources

  • Recycle Ann Arbor
    • Recycle Ann Arbor is a local Ann Arbor nonprofit dedicated to education around reusing, reducing, and recycling, as well as promoting innovative earth-friendly initiatives for the Ann Arbor community. They also manage the Reuse center and other practical and educational facilities throughout Ann Arbor.
  • University of Michigan Waste Management Services
    • The University of Michigan’s website offers valuable information about recycling and other green initiatives on campus. Be sure to check out the Food Composting Program and information about Recycling on campus.
  • Ann Arbor Recycling Drop-Off Station
    • Open Tues-Sat, the Drop-Off Station accepts everything from household recyclables (free of charge) to automotive parts and construction waste (small fee). They also sell compost. Check out their website for more information.
  • Ann Arbor ReUse Center
    • Open 7 days a week, the ReUse center accepts tax-deductible donations of various household items, appliances, and furniture.

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