Lab Alumni

PhD Student Affiliates

Tingting Liu, Psychology, Ph.D.

Mental Health, Decision-making, Evolutionary Psychology, Language, Big Data

Tingting finished her Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. Preston and graduated in 2020. She is now a joint postdoctoral researcher at NIDA/NIH and Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research uses interdisciplinary methodologies (data science, psychology, and neuroimaging) to understand social relationships in the context of mental health & subjective well-being, consumer behavior, and economic and risky decision-making.


Brian Vickers, PhD

Daniel Porter, PhD

Kristyn Karl, PhD

Alicia Hofelich, PhD

Kelly Carlson, PhD

Nina Strohminger, PhD

Master’s Degree and Honors Thesis Students

Catherine Garton, Psychology & Environmental Science (Class of 2021)

Under Dr. Preston’s mentorship, Catherine conducted her honors thesis on intellectual humility and moral reasoning. She is interested in psychological processes that impact our ability to understand, empathize with, or have humility toward other people, particularly when we disagree about our deepest beliefs. 

Catherine is now a research coordinator for Dr. Barbara Fredrickson at UNC-Chapel Hill.


Amanda Szczesniak, Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience (Class of 2020)

Amanda completed her honors thesis under the guidance of Dr. Preston, examining the influences of marital status and age on mate retention strategies.

Amanda is now in the Social Psychology PhD program at Wayne State University, with her research focusing on how our experiences in romantic relationships shape our self-perception. 


Logan Bickel, Cognitive Science (Class of 2018)

Logan worked with Dr. Preston on two projects: one relating to the bifurcation of affective and cognitive empathy, and the other as an honors thesis project on individual differences in the emotional response to environmental degredation (in press at Emotion).

Logan worked as a lab manager for Oriel FeldmanHall at Brown University, and as a user researcher for Google and Square.


Julia Liao, MS

Nick Hollman

Precious Smith

Christopher Cannon

Wei Siong Neo

Courtney Hsing

Leslie Rubin

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Hannah Groenke

Lauren Halter

Leah Abraham

Maggie Fogel

Jeenee Lee

Ashley Patterson

Judy Wan

Sarah Young

David Chester

Aaron Reina

Amy Ross

Megan Sims-Fujita

Kasey Wang


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