Criminal Justice

All of the Criminal Justice sites count toward the Law, Justice, & Social Change (LJSC) subplan/minor and the Sociology & Social Work (SSW) submajor in the Sociology Department.

American Friends Service Committee (Section 018)

COVIDUpdate: Due to the pandemic, volunteers are currently restricted from entering correctional facilities. All students enrolled in Section 018 will be working with the American Friends Services Committee-Criminal Justice Program (AFSC) during the Winter 2022 semester. All volunteer work will be conducted in-person at the AFSC office in Ypsilanti. 

WhatAmerican Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a non-profit organization located in Ypsilanti that advocates with individuals incarcerated in Michigan prisons. AFSC has a long-term focus on decarceration and works to get people out of prison as soon as possible. In addition to individual advocacy through direct service work, AFSC manages large-scale projects related to the conditions of confinement in prison, long-term solitary confinement, and monitoring parole hearings. 

Students who sign up for this section will work with the GSI, AFSC staff, and incarcerated individuals to learn about some of the major issues that people experience in Michigan prisons: parole (access to and navigating the parole process), healthcare and mental healthcare, security classification, access to programs, and segregation/solitary confinement. Students will correspond directly with incarcerated folks and work with them on problems they face, assist them with advocacy efforts, and learn from them about the prison system.  

Who: All students interested in developing a sociological lens towards mass incarceration, the carceral state, and the legal system. No prior training or specialized experience required. To learn more about AFSC’s work (and the work you will be trained to complete throughout the semester), please visit 

When: Students will be expected to write letters to individuals incarcerated in Michigan prisons and complete other AFSC-related tasks for 2-4 hours each week, in order to gain approximately 20-30 hours by the end of the semester. All volunteer work will be conducted in-person at the AFSC office in Ypsilanti. The tentative shift days/times are: Mon 5-7pm, Tues 3-5pm, Wed 11am-4pm, and Thurs 2-6pm. Additional shifts may be added based on staff availability and students’ schedules. 

Where: American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) office, 124 Pearl St Suite 607, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Orientation/Training: The AFSC info session will occur during your first discussion section, and training will take place during your in-person shifts.

Transportation: ~20 drive or 50 bus ride to the AFSC office. Students are welcome to take their own cars or CEAL Ride is provided free of charge for students without a vehicle for in-person shifts. Students can also take Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti buses for free with their Mcard to get to their site.