SOC 325 Overview

SOC 325 – Project Community Advanced Practicum

SOC 325 allows for a second semester of Project Community. Students will be able to develop their own community-engaged project, and work with their previous community partner or another Project Community-affiliated site. 

Course Overview

Project Community Advanced Practicum provides students who have taken SOC 225-Project Community: Sociology in Action or an equivalent community-engaged course with an opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and deepen their engagement with their community site. This is a small, discussion-based seminar where students will be able to develop their own community-engaged project with their previous community partner or another Project Community-affiliated site in order to take on additional responsibilities and increase their community engagement.

The readings and assignments will be tailored to allow students to develop an advanced understanding of the context, social inequalities, and avenues for change within their community site. Students will continue to build transferable skills including critical thinking, flexibility, and cultural humility, along with a focus on strengthening their research abilities and/or professional development. There will also be leadership opportunities because SOC 325 students may also provide guidance and mentoring to SOC 225 students that are working at the same community site. An emphasis is also placed on connecting their work in the community to their majors, career paths, and life goals.

Course Requirements & Format

Students enrolled in SOC 325 are responsible for regular attendance at the weekly class sessions, as well as consistent participation at their designated community service site for approximately 2-4 hours a week (time varies by site). Students will be asked to complete weekly readings, reflective writing assignments, and community-engaged projects.

Time in class is interactive, and is focused on engaging in reflection and dialogue about their community sites and related sociological issues, along with learning about community-engaged project management and research. Students will also have an opportunity to discuss their progress on their papers/projects, and to receive input from the Faculty Director and their fellow peers during class.

Click here to view a list of community-engaged project options!

Enrollment Process

Students MUST have completed SOC 225 or an equivalent community-engaged course, preferably within the last year. It is also recommended that students take SOC 310: Sociological Research Methods or an equivalent research methods course prior to enrolling in SOC 325, but this is not required. Students will be required to submit an application and be approved by the Faculty Director in order to receive an override to enroll in the course.

To enroll in SOC 325, please complete the application, which can also be found on the Request an Override page. We will get back to you within three business days to confirm your next steps for enrolling in the course. If you have any questions about enrolling in the course, please email