Research Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Sunghee Lee


Dr. Juilette Roddy

Field Researchers

Paris, Angela, Abby, Andrew


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   call/text: 1-734-277-8807, or


PATH Steering Committee

The following organizations and individuals are the members of PATH Steering Committee.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Emily Higgins, MPH, Behavioral Surveillance Coordinator
Vivian Griffin, Special Studies Supervisor/Program Administrator
Joseph R. Coyle, MPH, Viral Hepatitis Surveillance and Prevention Unit Manager

St. Clair County Health Department
Annette Mercatante, MD, MPH, Medical Health Officer

Macomb County Health Department
William J. Ridella, Director/Health Officer
Natalie Dean-Wood, Director, Health Promotion/Disease Control

Macomb County Community Mental Health
Randy O’Brien, Director, Office of Substance Abuse
Helen Klingert, Assistant Director, Office of Substance Abuse
Dawn Radzioch, Chair, Macomb Prevention Network

Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority
Carmen McIntyre, CMO
Darlene Owens, Director, Substance Use Disorders Initiatives
Andrea L. Smith, MSW, Director, Clinical Practice Improvement

Detroit Health Department
Eric R. Kessell, Ph.D., Division Administrator, Health Policy & Planning
Renai Edwards-Malayil, MPH, Division Director, Healthier Lives

CARE of Southeastern Michigan
Monique Stanton, CEO
Paul Sarris, Director, Recovery Services

Biomed Behavioral Healthcare
Brian McCarroll, DO, Medical Director
Sharon McRae, DM, Executive Director