Is there someone I can call if I have questions?

YesTeera Losch Pic! If you have any questions about analyzing hormones at our core facility please do not hesitate to call or email us!

Phone: 734-615-6549

Email: caf.lab@umich.edu.

When should we contact the CAF?

As soon as possible! It take a few days for kits to arrive and we would like to place you in our queue so you don’t have to wait.

Is the CAF able to provide quotes for grant purposes?

Yes! Please fill out a service request form if you have need a quote!

How long does it take to get results back?

Typically it takes 1-3 weeks depending on how many samples you submit.

What vendor do you buy kits from?

We can measure any hormone for which there is a commercially available assay kit.

Can the CAF run other hormones other than the ones listed on the website?

YES!!! Contact us and we can let you know if we can run it!

How should we label our tubes?

  • tube labelTube #
  • Participant ID #
  • Time and Date
  • Any other information you need

Should we run EIA’s or RIA’s?

EIA: Collection methods: Passive drool or oral swabs can be used

  • Pros:
    • Needs less volume (~.1-.5 mL depending one how many hormones you want analyzed)
    • Better assay sensitivity
    • Can get results faster
  • Cons:
    • Usually more expensive

RIA: Collection methods: Passive Drool

  •  Pros:
    • Generally cheaper
  • Cons:
    • Need to collect more volume (2-5 mL)
    • Some assays can’t distinguish between extremely low samples
    • Can take longer to get results

We are running multiple hormones. In what order should we prioritize each hormone?

It depends! You should first assay what hormone(s) are most important to your study. You should also consider that multiple freeze thaws can degrade the sample and give you an unreliable value. Estradiol degrades the fastest and should be run first if possible. Then progesterone, testosterone and cortisol respectively. If you have a low sample volume, you should run EIA’s before RIA’s.

What kind of tubes should we use for saliva collection?

For EIA’s, we suggest SalimetricsSalivaBio Oral Swab’s. View more collection supplies here.

salimetrics tubes

salimetrics swab

For RIA’s, ria tubewe suggest SalimetricsSalivaBio Oral Swab tubes minus the plastic swab insert. We also suggest BD Falcon round-bottom polystyrene tubes and caps. They come in 5 mL and 14 mL tubes.

For EIA’s we suggest Fisherbrand™ Nonsterile Poltsyrene Culture Tubes Cat No: 14-961-10A. They come in a pack of 1000 or a case of 4 pack (4000). The caps we suggest are Simport™ Scientific Polyethylene Flange Plug Caps Cat. No. 22-045-425 (or use T404-3N). They come in packs of 1000.

Things to remember!

—Avoid multiple freeze thaws if possible

  • Multiple freeze thaws can degrade the sample

—Stay consistent when collecting samples

  • Refrigerate/freeze all samples at the sample time
  • If collecting cortisol consider the time of day

—Take notes of any discrepancies

  • Sample vol. to much or to little
  • Color of saliva
  • Mistakes made by you or the participant