Maddy Paxson

Student Writer
College: LSA
Majors: Psychology
Minor: QMSS

Maddy (she/her/hers) is a Senior studying Psychology and QMSS. Her interest in studying Quantitative Methods and Analysis stems from her research experiences. When applied, research is like wisdom. Like wisdom, research helps us make better decisions at every level: institutionally, organizationally, and interpersonally. Her passion for research guided her toward her current course of study, where she can apply quantitative analysis skills from the curriculum to her studies and research. Her long-term goal is to empower people of all ages with opportunities for evidence-based socio-emotional learning to create a foundation of meaningful identity and relationships, and from there, meaningful lives. In the meantime, she tries to foster science-based “lightbulb” moments wherever she can: she facilitates classes for the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program and hosts a Psychology podcast – ‘Pre-Occupied’ – on Spotify. In her free time, she is most likely eating ice cream, taking a long walk with someone she cares about, or rehearsing for a show. But probably just eating ice cream.