Uma Hornish

Blog Editor 
College: LSA
Majors: Biology
Minor: QMSS

Uma (she/her/hers) is a Sophomore majoring in Biology and minoring in QMSS. Her main academic interests lie in genetics and epidemiology. On campus, she participates in research with the Michigan Otolaryngology and Translational Oncology Lab, which focuses on identifying predictive genomic biomarkers for targeted cancer therapies. Outside of her work in research and the blog, Uma is a member of Victors FC, a women’s club soccer team. Uma was initially drawn to the QMSS minor, as she has always enjoyed studying and analyzing population data, and visually presenting significant data trends. Through the curriculum, she expects the technical skills she learns to further her understanding of genetics and epidemiology, as these fields focus greatly on population data and how differences between groups of people lead to varying outcomes. She cannot wait to dive into QMSS and share her insights through this blog!