Our current research spans  in three areas:

Dignity in Workplace

Invisibility is also another concept that we explore, studying janitors in the US, South Korea, and Mumbai and Tamilnadu to examine workplace dignity and well-being. We examine the relationship between invisibility, dignity and neoliberalism in the making of janitor identities at the intersections of caste, gender, social class and ethnicity.

Mindfulness and Interconnectedness

This line of research clarifies the processes by which essentialist thinking about social groups acts to solidify group boundaries, and prevent us from connecting to each other. How can these powerful forces be counteracted?

Mindfulness has the potential to deepen people’s understanding of the “other,” and out research looks at how dialog-based intervention and mobile technology facilitates mindfulness and connection. With the cultivation of a mindful mindset, awareness of one’s privilege leads to a sense of interconnectedness and interdependence. Finally, an emphasis on social justice brings mindfulness to action, as we explore the concepts of compassion, sympathetic joy, critical intersectional awareness, negative capability (ability to reside in a situation with an open mind), cultural humility, wonder (our capacity to accept others who are different), and generosity.

Cell phones, Self and Connectedness

Studies of interconnectedness within dominant and marginal social groups captures important influences of the intersections of identity. This line of research explores the power of technology to connect individuals across social boundaries.


If you are interested in working in the lab as a research assistant, please inquire directly with me at

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