Protocols & Datasets

3 micron cryosectioning technique
Published protocol for the processing and procurement of 3 micron frozen sections.

In situ hybridization technique
Published protocol for the use of cRNA probes for colorometric in situ hybridization in frozen tissue sections.


Double-label in situ hybridization (whole mounts)
Published protocol for visualizing two riboprobes with flourescence (fast red / TSA-FITC).


Microarray gene profiling of isolated, EGFP+ cells from Tg[gfap:EGFP]mi2002 transgenic fish. Genes whose expression levels changed at 8, 16, 24 and 36 hours after intense light lesion compared with uninjured retina. The isolated cells include Müller glia, injury-induced Müller glial stem cells and retinal progenitors derived from them.