2007 Exam 4

1. During the asymptomatic stage of HIV disease
a)Very few virus are produced and most of these are destroyed by the immune system
b)Very few virus are produced but only about half of these are destroyed by the immune system
c)Very few virus are produced but none of these are destroyed by the immune system
d)Very many virus are produced but only a few of these are destroyed by the immune system
e)Very many virus are produced and most of these are destroyed by the immune system

2. Thrush is a common opportunistic infection that affects the mouth and throat of AIDS patients and is caused by a
d)Parasitic worm
e)Autoimmune reaction

3. Which of these isnota bodily fluid associated with transmission of HIV?
b)Breast milk
e)Vaginal secretions

4. A common term for sexual intercourse without a condom is

5. In the absence of any intervention, the likelihood that an HIV infected mother will transmit HIV to her newborn child will be infected is about
f)Zero; HIV is not transmitted by this route

6. Which of these risks is highest?
a)Transmission of HIV from an HIV-positive male to a female during a single act of unprotected vaginal intercourse
b)Death in an automobile accident this year
c)Death during open-heart surgery
d)Transmission of HIV from an HIV-infected patient to a nurse after an accidental needle stick
e)Transmission of HIV from a single blood transfusion

7. Which of these people worked for the CDC
a)Robert Gallo
b)Jay Levy
c)Francoise Barre
d)Selma Dritz
e)Don Francis

8. The Caribbean nation that was among the first to have a high incidence of AIDS is
c)Puerto Rico
d)Dominican Republic

9. If a UM student had been infected with HIV by having unprotected sex during his or her senior year in high school and received no treatment for HIV, that person would be most likely to develop AIDS
a)During freshman year in college
b)During sophomore year in college
c)During junior year in college
d)During senior year in college
e)After graduation from college

10. Which of these opportunistic infections of AIDS patients could you treat with antibiotics?
a)Kaposi’s sarcoma
b)Pneumocystis pneumonia
d)MAC (Mycobacterium avium complex)

11. The use of lubricants like Crisco with latex condoms is unwise because
a)The oils in Crisco weaken the latex in the condom, increasing breakage and leakage
b)Crisco is an irritant that can cause tiny breaks in the skin around the anal sphincter
c)Crisco releases a toxic product from the latex that can cause shock in a woman
d)Crisco is a common source of bacterial and viral infections
e)The oils in Crisco are rapidly absorbed by the lower bowel, leading to a rapid loss of lubricating efficiency

12. How did Harvey Milk die?
a)Pneumocystis pneumonia
b)Kaposi’s sarcoma
d)Heart attack

13. In 2007, the probability of contracting HIV from a blood transfusion is about one in

14. People who take AZT alone as treatment for their HIV infection
a)Are though to develop lifelong immunity to HIV
b)Progress to AIDS more rapidly than those who are untreated
c)Often die from the toxic effects of the AZT
d)Develop an unusual distribution of fat deposits (paunch, jowls, and “buffalo hump”)
e)Rapidly develop mutant HIV that are resistant to the drug

15. Which of these reduces the risk of HIV transmission?
a)Performing anal intercourse on a woman instead of vaginal intercourse
b)Performing anal intercourse on a woman instead of a man
c)Performing intercourse instead of “outercourse”
d)Circumcising all the males in the population
e)”Circumcising” all the females in the population

16. First major organization in the US to begin testing blood for signs of AIDS was
a)The American Red Cross
b)University of Michigan Medical Center
c)Stanford University Medical Center
d)New York University Medical Center
e)American Association of Blood Banks

17. The most common mode of HIV transmission in the US at the present time is
a)Men having anal sex with men
b)Men having anal sex with women
c)Men having vaginal sex with women
d)Injection drug use
e)Perinatal transmission

18. Which of these opportunistic infections of AIDS patients would you be most likely to get from a cat?
d)Kaposi’s sarcoma
e)Pneumocystis pneumonia

19. It is especially difficult for epidemiologists to control the spread of diseases like HIV and syphilis because
a)The diseases they cause are not sufficiently unpleasant to frighten the average person
b)The time from infection to symptoms is long, but the time from infection to infectious is short
c)Both HIV and syphilis are very readily transmitted (about 1 infection per 3 sexual contacts)
d)Neither disease is curable and both remain infectious for the life of the individual
e)Both are viral diseases

20. A nickname that might be applied to Gaetan Dugas would be
a)Bug chaser
b)Typhoid Mary
c)Chicken Little
d)Sister of Perpetual Indulgence
e) Nobel

21. The probability of transmitting HIV during cunnilingus can be reduced by using
a)A water-based lubricant
b)A dental dam
c)A condom properly applied to the penis
d)A 1 to 10 dilution of household bleach
e)An enema

22. Amyl nitrate (“poppers”) were used by men who were involved in “fisting.” But they were also used medically to treat
a)Impotence (“Erectile dysfunction”)
b)Certain sexually transmitted bacterial infections
d)Heart disease
e)Gay bowel syndrome

23. Epidemic spread of a disease can sometimes be halted even if only a fraction of the population is successfully vaccinated against that disease.This is effect is generally known as
b)Self-sustaining infection
c)Herd immunity
d)Natural immunity

24. Which of these drug types is not yet available for treating HIV disease in humans?
a)Reverse transcriptase inhibitor
b)Protease inhibitor
c)Inhibitor of gp41 action (fusion inhibitor)
d)Integrase inhibitor

25. The virus we now know as HIV was first isolated and grown in
e)The US

26. When can a doctor have her patient tested for HIV without the patient’s consent?
b)Anytime that surgery is involved
c)Only if there has been a transfer of blood or bodily fluids during treatment
d)Only by court order
e)Always, as long as the patient is being treated by that doctor

27. The Hollywood personality whose diagnosis with AIDS first brought AIDS to the attention to the vast majority of Americans was
a)Elizabeth Taylor
b)Michael Jackson
c)Jack Lemmon
d)Rock Hudson
e)Charlton Heston