Welcome to the Burnham Lab: Liana Biodiversity and Ecology

The research in our lab follows a fascination with climbing plants. Lianas, vines, and scramblers all use other plants (or structures) as their structural support. Climbers are found in morRobyn at Meetings in Bonito Brazil2e than 100 angiosperm plant families, rivaling the diversity of trees, shrubs, and herbs, and yet, they climb their hosts and modify organs and tissues in myriad ways. Biodiversity is at the heart of our research because of the broad phylogenetic representation among climbers. We are especially focused on the woody, persistent climbers, or lianas, that are common in tropical forests of the western hemisphere. In addition, our research compares the well-known tropical forest biodiversity with temperate forest diversity of climbing plants, especially in the mesic eastern forests of the United States.

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