RC writing alumna Kathryn Orwig a finalist in screenplay competition

Kathryn Orwig (RC 2017) is a finalist in The Talented Youth‘s 2018 Story Starts Here screenplay competition. The winner will be announced at the Awards Show during the closing ceremony of the NFFTY Film Festival (National Film Festival for Talented Youth) in Seattle (October 25-28). Kathryn works as a screenwriter for It’s Not a Phase, Mom LLC, an animation company, developing content for 20 episodes that will be shown online. Filming will begin after the scripts are finished, in the “machinima” genre, which uses real-time computer graphics to create films. Kathryn received a Hopwood in 2017, and has been published in Confined Connections (Z Publishing’s creative writing series anthology), Northwestern Michigan College Magazine, Café Shapiro, and RC Review. More about Kathryn at her website.