Andrew Warrick and Marlon Rajan receive 2020 Nelson Award

Andrew Warrick and Marlon Rajan have received the 2020 recipients of the David and Sylvia Nelson Award,  This award supports creative writing students performing unpaid summer internships that further their writing education.

Andrew Warrick is a junior double majoring in Creative Writing and Literature and History. He will complete and revise a novel set in 1960s Ann Arbor next year as an honors thesis. Andrew will intern this summer with Pegasus Books in New York City, an independent publisher committed to publishing a diverse field of fiction and nonfiction. Andrew will read submissions and help manage communications between publisher and author, valuable experience for his planned future career in publishing.

Marlon Rajan is a sophomore majoring in Creative Writing and Literature. She will intern this summer for The Elizabeth Kaplan Literary Agency. This agency works primarily with fiction and nonfiction authors submitting narrative nonfiction, including biographies, memoirs, and literary and young adult fiction. Marlon will read and assess a diverse range of submissions, which will help her gain practical experience in publishing, a career she plans to pursue.