Cielle Waters-Umfleet publishes an article about fighting COVID-19

RC Creative Writing (and Spanish) student Cielle Waters-Umfleet recently published “Fighting COVID-19: It’s in Our Blood, an article in Midstory about the American Red Cross’ complimentary COVID antibody tests that help find people to donate plasma to the sick. Earlier this summer, she published “Computers for a New Era of Learning,” an article in Midstory about Detroit Public Schools’ plan to provide all its 51,000 students with computers and internet plans by the end of the summer. Cielle has been working at Midstory as an intern this summer. Midstory is dedicated to retaining, cultivating, and attracting youth and the public to the Midwest, beginning in Toledo, Ohio.

Cielle is editor-in-chief of What the F Magazine at U-M, a platform for portraying the feminist movement “with representation and inclusivity.” Cielle is also Team Lead at America Reads Tutoring Corps and a James B. Angell Scholar.