RC Alumni Journal

The RC Alumni Journal annually collects creative work from RC alumni.

The Fall 2019 issue is viewable here: RCAJ3F.

Contributors include Peter Anderson, Carmen Bugan, Julia Byers, Lynn Chou, Bob Clifford, Ellen Dreyer, Melissa Durante, Robin Lily Goldberg, John Hagen, Hannah Levine, Dan Madaj, David McLeod, Lucy Eldersveld Murphy, David Erik Nelson, Kathryn Orwig, Heena Shah, Ian Ross Singleton, and Elizabeth Witte.

The Fall 2018 issue is viewable here: RCAJ18. A limited number of paper copies will be available. For more info, contact Dan Madaj at dmadaj@umich.edu.

Contributors include Peter Anderson, Esha Biswas, Jeanette Bradley, Bob Clifford, Megan Cummins, Stephanie Feldstein, Matt Forbeck, Mary Gallagher, Barry Garelick, Alex Kime, Dan Madaj, Hannah Nathans, Kathryn Orwig, Mike Parsons, Katherine Towler, and Haley Winkle.

The first issue, Fall 2017, is viewable here: RCAJ17.

Contributors include Peter Anderson, Bob Clifford, Logan Corey, Jon Michael Darga, Ellen Dreyer, Allison Epstein, Cameron Finch, Dennis Foon, Alyson Foster,  Amy Gustine, Clare Higgins, Laura Kasischke, Dan Madaj, Liz Parker, Paige Pfleger, Elena Potek, Anna Prushinskaya, Matthew Rohrer, Elizabeth Schmuhl, Marty Sherman, Ian Singleton, Lauren Stachew, and Laura Hulthen Thomas.

Work will soon begin avfourth issue, due in Fall 2020, which will honor the 50th anniversary of the RC Creative Writing Program!

For more info, contact Dan Madaj at dmadaj@umich.edu.