Daniel Madaj

I have a degree in creative writing from the Residential College and worked for U-M for over 40 years, particularly at the natural history museum, in Social Work, and in Linguistics.

Special Reading and Celebration of A Detroit Anthology

RC Creative Writing alumna Anna Clark invites us to a special reading and celebration. The Henry Ford Centennial Library and the Detroit chapter of the Women’s National Book Association will host  featured contributors to A Detroit Anthology, which Anna edited. In powerful images and voices, discover the story behind the stories, and have a chance to interact with some of Detroit’s most talented writers and artists. Taking the stage: Jamaal May, James D. Griffioen (of Sweet Jupiter), Aaron Foley, Patricia Lay-Dorsey, Aaron Waterman, and Anna Clark.

Lolita Hernandez, Making Callaloo in Detroit

Lolita2RC Creative Writing lecturer Lolita Hernandez will read from her new collection of stories, Making Callaloo in Detroit (Wayne State University Press, 2014) at 5 pm on Friday, September 26 at the RC’s Keene Theater. A Q&A session follows. Lolita is also the author of the 2005 PEN Beyond Margins Award winner Autopsy of an Engine and Other Stories from the Cadillac Plant (Coffee House Press, 2004), and two chapbooks of poems: Quiet Battles and Snakecrossing. A 2012 Kresge Literary Arts fellow, she worked more than 33 years at General Motors. Lolita was featured in the July 9th episode of Living Writers.

Margaret Atwood signs up for the Future Library

The Future Library is an unusual project begun by artist Katie Paterson: a forest planted in Norway will supply paper for a special anthology of books to be printed 100 years from now. Every year between now and then, one artist will contribute a text; the writings will be held in trust, unpublished, until 2144. Margaret Atwood has agreed to be the first artist;  this article features an interview with Atwood about the Library and her project.