2016 Program



Nicholas Glenn
nagdnf .at. mail.umsl.edu
U Missouri – St Louis
Prof. Andrew Ault
Mark Panas
mp249001 .at. muhlenberg.edu
Muhlenberg College
Prof Kerri Pratt
Rachel Garn
r.garn .at. aol.com
Iona College
Prof Mark Banaszak Holl
Ericka Bruska
ebruske9 .at. vt.edu
Virginia Tech
Prof. Adam Matzger
Josie Little
jllittle .at. smith.edu
Smith College
Prof Andrew Ault
Ralph Crisci
cris6930 .at. fredonia.edu
SUNY Fredonia
Prof Zhan Chen
Elvin Salerno
evsalerno .at. sbcglobal.net
Wichita State University
Prof Vince Pecoraro
John Andre
ajohn2006 .at. gmail.com
Humbolt State U
Prof Zhan Chen
Xaimara Santiago
xaimara.santiago .at. upr.edu
UPR- Rio Piedras
Prof Allison Narayan
Stavros Kariofillis
kariofis .at. lafayette.edu
Lafayette College
Prof Melanie Sanford
Laura Muehlbauer
muehlbal .at. stolaf.edu
St Olaf College
Prof Carol Fierke
Emily Churchill
emc1543 .at. truman.edu
Truman State U
Prof Corey Stephenson

Monday, Nov 30, 2015: Applications open for Summer 2016 (Wed, Jun 1 – Tue, Aug 9, 2016).
Friday, Feb 12, 2016: Application deadline.
Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016: Applications closed.

Saturday, Feb 20, 2016: First offers sent.
Saturday, Feb 20, 2016: 7 offers sent: 2 accepted; 0 declined; (5 pending)
Sunday, Feb 21, 2016: 11 offers sent: 6 accepted; 0 declined; (5 pending)
Monday, Feb 22, 2016: 13 offers sent: 8 accepted; 0 declined; (5 pending)
Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016: 13 offers sent: 9 accepted; 0 declined; (4 pending)
Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016: 13 offers sent: 9 accepted; 0 declined; (4 pending)
Thursday, Feb 25, 2016: 13 offers sent: 10 accepted; 0 declined; (3 pending)
Friday, Feb 26, 2016: 13 offers sent: 10 accepted; 0 declined; (3 pending)
Saturday, Feb 27, 2016: 13 offers sent: 10 accepted; 0 declined; (3 pending)
Sunday, Feb 28, 2016: 13 offers sent: 10 accepted; 0 declined; (3 pending)
Monday, Feb 29, 2016: 13 offers sent: 12 accepted; 1 declined

Monday, Feb 29, 2016: Program filled for 2016. We had 405 applicants for our positions, so we regret deeply that we are not provided with more funding from the NSF to be able to support more than 12 people. It is disappointing to turn away literally hundreds of terrific students. Please keep the University of Michigan in mind when you are applying for PhD programs.

  1. Offers are made via e-mail only.
  2. Only the selected and accepted applicants will be announced in the space below.
  3. Because of the large number of applications we receive, we do not contact applicants who have not been accepted to the program.
  4. We use a rolling acceptance, and make offers to a greater number of students than we have spots for because many students have applied to multiple schools. Under no circumstance should you accept an offer from an REU program unless you are committed to that program. When you say ‘yes’ to a position in a professional setting, you should mean it.
  5. In general, you have a week or two to make up your mind. By all means, you should contact other programs to which you have applied with this offer, if you have decided there are programs whose offer you will take over ours.
Offer/Accept School e-mail Professor/mentor
Emily Churchill Truman State U emc1543 .at. truman.edu Prof. Stephenson
John Andre Humbolt State U ajohn2006 .at. gmail.com Prof. Chen
Mark Panas Muhlenberg C mp249001 .at. muhlenberg.edu Prof. Pratt
Nicholas Glenn U Missouri – St Louis nagdnf .at. mail.umsl.edu Prof. Ault
Rachel Garn Iona C r.garn .at. aol.com Prof. Banaszak Holl
Ericka Bruska Virginia Tech ebruske9 .at. vt.edu Prof. Matzger
Josie Little Smith C jllittle .at. smith.edu Prof. Ault
Ralph Crisci SUNY Fredonia cris6930 .at. fredonia.edu Prof. Chen
Stavros Kariofillis Lafayette C kariofis .at. lafayette.edu Prof. Sanford
Laura Muehlbauer St Olaf muehlbal .at. stolaf.edu Prof. Fierke
Elvin Salerno Wichita State U evsalerno .at. sbcglobal.net Prof. Pecoraro
Xaimara Santiago UPR- Rio Piedras xaimara.santiago .at. upr.edu Prof. Narayan

The Domestic REU Program is not open to U-M undergraduate students.
REU programs are only open to US citizens or permanent (green card) residents.

Summer 2016 will be the 27th year of funding we have received from the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program. Throughout that time, we have especially welcomed applications from women and students from other populations underrepresented in the sciences.

University of Michigan REU in the Chemical Sciences

We generally receive about 250-350 applications for our program each year. You will receive an automatic notification when you submit your application, along with a file number to give your recommenders. If you do not hear from us, you may assume that your application is complete. We will contact individuals whose files are incomplete.

REU Projects: are available in all subject areas. Please see the Chemistry department website for general areas of faculty interest. You may assume that every member of the faculty is interested in hosting an REU student. See links at the top of this page, in the first paragraph.

In addition to a research project, there will be other activities, including field trips, meetings of all our summer students, weekly group meetings, and a poster session.

Notice to European students participating in the NSF/ACS/DAAD/ECTN program: We are excited to welcome your application to spend the summer in Ann Arbor. Please indicate your interest in the University of Michigan’s REU program to host your visit to the US when you apply through the ACS site: www.acs.org/ireu.

All REU Fellowships include: $4500 stipend, housing, and all travel. All students receive internet access through their existing home university/college e-mail account. You should ensure that you are covered by an appropriate health insurance policy in order to participate in a summer research program.

For questions, contact:
Prof. Brian P. Coppola, Program Director: bcoppola@umich.edu
Angie Cox, Program Coordinator: abfoster@umich.edu