• *Where will I be staying?You will be housed at University Tower apartments, located at 536 S. Forest Avenue, Ann Arbor. These are four-person, two-bedroom apartments located on campus. These apartments come furnished with beds, dressers, sofas, desks, tables, lamps, chairs, carpeting, window coverings, stoves and refrigerators.
    You will need to supply your bedding (comforter, set of sheets, pillow), bath linens, dishes, pots and pans, and kitchen utensils. Other amenities offered by this location include air conditioning, an in-house fitness center, big screen TV lounge, outdoor swimming pool, and weekly continental breakfasts.While there is a wireless study lounge on site, the program will provide each apartment with internet access.
  • *What kind of clothing should I bring?
    Summer weather in Michigan can range from 50 to 98 degrees F (10-35 C); from rainy and very humid to very sunny and dry. We recommend that you bring clothing that can be layered. At the end of the summer, you will be asked to either give an oral presentation of your summer research, or present a poster at a regional REU symposium (we are hosting this year; also in attendance will be Notre Dame and Hope Universities, and our REU students in Beijing, via Skype). We ask that you bring one “business attire” outfit to wear at this event. And, don’t forget your bathing suit for the pool!
  • Can I mail things ahead of time? Sorry. The department does not have adequate safe storage space for holding packages. Please email Angie Cox (abfoster@umich.edu) for whatever the latest alternatives might be available.
  • Who will I meet?
    The UM campus is a pleasant environment in a small and safe US town, Ann Arbor, Michigan. During the summer, there are many faculty members and students who are on campus. Many of the students are part of other summer undergraduate research programs.
  • How will I get around the Campus and Ann Arbor?Check out the links! We have an exceptionally walkable campus, a good campus and town bus system, and we’re reasonably bike-friendly. There will probably be more than a few people you know with cars (although in general, parking is such an expensive pain in the neck that we do not encourage it).
  • Where can I buy supplies?
    Central campus is located in the middle of tons of shops. Local book and supply stores (State Street and S. University) offer office supplies. Within 15 minutes driving time from campus, there are: 2 Meijer (groceries, household, clothing), 1 major mall with anchor stores, and 3 Kroger (groceries), a Target, and a Big K-Mart. The Meijer stores and the mall are on the local bus route. There are also a couple of high end grocery stores in town (Whole Foods and Trader Joes) as well as a farmer’s marker on the weekends.
  • Is there someone I can e-mail with my questions?
    Hey, questions are at the heart of science. And if yours are about the U of M REU Program, we can answer them.
    See the contact information at the bottom of the page!Staff administrative contact: Angela Cox abfoster@umich.edu
    Program Director: Prof. Brian P. Coppola bcoppola@umich.edu